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About Us

Established Technical Background
The company was founded over 30 years ago operating primarily in the petro-chemical and mining industries in the design of electronic control systems, the manufacture of which is still a vital part of the company's business.

Specialist in the Control of Electrical Energy
From this background it was a natural progression into energy saving products and systems to satisfy the needs of these clients. The particular focus has been on electricity usage as this is the most expensive form of energy and a field where the company has had a long experience and expertise. It is also important for environmental reasons to control electricity consumption as the quantities of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming produced by the fossil fuel burning power stations are far in excess of that produced by other forms of energy use.

DEM Metron products and systems for energy control of lighting and electric heating have been developed largely from operational research dedicated to applying the most appropriate form of electronic control to meet the particular needs of different types of buildings and different types of users.

DEM products are compatible with all types of lighting for retrofit or new build applications and can be installed with the minimum of modification to new designs or existing wiring schemes. Furthermore, no specialist knowledge or training is required on the part of the installer or the end user.

Financial Paybacks
The fact that electricity is so much more expensive than other forms of energy means that measures to reduce its usage on lighting and electric space heating can result in a payback of the capital cost in a relatively short period of time.

In many buildings the total electrical energy used for lighting is often only 15% of the total energy provided by the gas or oil to heat the building, however, the electricity bill can often be more than 40% of the total energy cost.

The relatively low cost of electronic controls, which can be easily and quickly applied, is a significant factor in making energy controls for lighting and electric heating a first class financial proposition.



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