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Lighting Controls in Schools

Classrooms - Option A
The Reset System 3000 is the preferred choice for the energy control of lighting in classrooms providing Automatic OFF/Manual ON operation. The system controller can be programmed to switch lights OFF at the end of each teaching session or other defined period whilst allowing lights to be restored AT ANYTIME via the existing wall switches. Installation is simple, circuits are diverted via a programmable relay panel at the distribution board and reset relays fitted to the controlled luminaires in the classrooms. A small proportion of the lights should be left uncontrolled as is desirable with all lighting control systems.

Recommended Product: Reset System 3000

Classrooms - Option B
Passive infra-red presence detection systems provide effective Automatic ON/OFF lighting control for classroom applications. A single wall mounted detector provides sufficient coverage in rooms up to 10m x 10m. The PDS10 is a stand alone device which is supplied with a hand held infra-red programmer whereas the System 4000 is a modular product which can simplify installation and enable the inter-connection of additional detectors in order to extend coverage in unusual shaped rooms.

Recommended Product: PDS10, Presence Detection System 4000


Assembly Halls, Gymnasiums and Dining Rooms
The System 5000 employs long range microwave detectors and is recommended for larger areas of variable occupancy. A single microwave detector provides sufficient coverage in areas up to 30m x 30m. Manual switch ON of lights is recommended to avoid unnecessary activation from 'passing traffic'. A photocell can also be fitted to hold off the lights when daylight is sufficient. Selected lights should be left uncontrolled to provide illumination for initial or visiting access.

Recommended Product: Presence Detection System 5000

Changing Rooms
Smaller areas of variable occupancy can be effectively controlled through the installation of either System 4000 passive infra-red presence detectors, time delay pushbuttons or pullcords. EP Series pushbuttons simply replace existing single gang plate switches whilst TDP8 Time Delay pullcords can be fitted directly to surface mounted luminaires.

Recommended Product: Presence Detection System 4000, EP Series Push buttons, TDP8 Time Delay Pullcords


 A - Multi-storey College. North of England

 B - Secondary School in West Wales

 C - Academy in Scotland

 D - Padgate High School (Example of where success of DEM Lighting Controls in Lower School in 1998

resulted in controls being installed in Upper school in 2001 – many other similar cases)          


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