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Office Lighting Controls


Option A
The Reset System 3000 is a well proven lighting control for office accommodation providing automatic OFF/manual ON operation. The system controller switches lights OFF at pre-programmed times, however, lights may be manually reset AT ANY TIME via the pullcord switches. Photocells may be employed to inhibit selected switch OFF commands when daylight is insufficient. Installation is simple, lighting circuits are diverted via a programmable relay panel at the distribution board and pullcord switches fitted to individual or small groups of luminaires in the office area. The use of reset pullcords enables the user to decide if lighting is required in their local area and prevents the global switch ON of lights at the start of the working day.

Recommended Product: Reset System 3000 with Pullcord Switches

Option B
For smaller installations where the cost of the Reset System 3000 could not be justified, the fitting of reset pullcords alone can generate a significant level of savings.

Recommended Product: SPC Pullcord Switches


Option C
Where Automatic ON/OFF control of lighting is required, the PDS6 presence detection switches are recommended. The lighting load should be divided into small groups of luminaires covering a maximum floorspace of 6m dia and a single detector provided for each area. An integral photocell is provided for use in zones with sufficient daylight availability whilst additional detectors may be easily inter-connected to extend coverage. The PDS6 is a stand alone ceiling mounted product which is available in surface or flush mounting versions.

Recommended Product: PDS6 Presence Detection Switch


 A - 17 Storey Government Office Building, Birmingham (DEM Lighting controls 1990)

 B - Council Offices (Victorian building), North West England (DEM Lighting controls 2000)

 C - 7 Storey Main City Council Offices, Eastern Counties (DEM Lighting controls 1990)

 D - Borough Council Offices, Lancashire (DEM Lighting controls 1988) – Extension to system late 1990s

Proving Long Term Reliability and Acceptability of Lighting Controls in Offices


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