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Lighting Control Products

LC3010A & LC3020A Photocell Control

  • Proven system of daylight control

  • Savings of 60%

  • Time programming option

  • Hours run monitoring

The LC3010A and LC3020A save energy by automatically switching lights off when daylight exceeds a preset threshold. Two discreet measuring circuits allow independent switch off and switch on levels whilst a delay timer prevents unnecessary reaction to short term increases in daylight level. The LC3020A provides the additional benefit of digital time programming with auto reset and extend time overrides. The units have been developed specifically for industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, and transport premises.

Order Codes:

LC3010A  Photocell Control Unit
LC3020A  Photocell/Time Control Unit
RS/HDT  Photocell Sensor

System 3000 Reset Lighting  Control

  • Automatic off/manual on operation

  • Savings of 50%

  • Local control of luminaires

  • Simple installation

Reset 3000 is a low cost yet highly effective lighting control system designed for offices, schools, light industrial areas etc. The system operates by automatically switching OFF lighting on a time programming and daylight level basis whilst allowing manual resetting AT ALL TIMES via pullcords or existing wall switches. Ease of installation allows integration with new build or existing wiring schemes.

SPC5 Reset Pullcords
The DEM reset pullcord functions by automatically reverting to the OFF state whenever the supply to the device is momentarily interrupted either via the system controller or the associated wall switch. When the wall switch is next turned ON, lights will not come on until the pullcord is operated. In addition to System 3000 operation, SPC5 pullcords can be successfully employed as a stand-alone item.

TDP8 Time Delay Reset Pullcords
The time delay pullcord operates in an identical manner to the SPC5 reset switch, however lights will automatically switch OFF a preset time after being reset ON. The required time delay is set via an internal switch. For stand-alone use only, the time delay pullcord is ideal for store rooms, warehouse aisles etc.

Order Codes:

LC3030/5 Controller, 2Time/2Photocell
LC3040/2 Controller, 2Time
PRB3 Programmable Relay Module
SPC5 Pullcord Switch
ERL65 Reset Relay
PS1P Photocell Sensor
TDP8 Time Delay Pullcord Switch

System 4000 Presence Detection

  • Ceiling or wall mounted detectors

  • Photocell option

  • Fully automatic control

  • Savings of 70%

System 4000 is a presence detection lighting control designed for use in classrooms, offices and open plan work areas. Ultra sensitive passive infra-red detectors monitor the controlled area for activity, automatically switching lights on when movement is detected, maintaining them throughout the occupation period and switching them off a short time after the area is vacated. Where sufficient daylight is available, a photocell can be programmed to inhibit the system. The modular format simplifies installation and allows straightforward system adaptations at a future date.

Order Codes:

P4 PIR Detector, wall mount
P6 PIR Detector, ceiling mount
TD041 Controller Unit, single output
TD042 Controller Unit, dual output
PS1A Photocell

System 5000 Presence Detection

  • Latest 24GHZ microwave technology

  • Photocell option

  • Fully or semi automatic operation

  • Savings of 80%

System 5000 utilises long range microwave detection technology to switch off lights in unoccupied areas. When a controlled area is entered lights automatically switch on and are maintained throughout the occupation period. When no further movement is detected for a preset time, lights switch off. A photocell can be programmed to inhibit switching when daylight levels are sufficient. Manual On/Automatic Off mode prevents lights switching ON when existing daylight levels are satisfactory. Applications include sports halls, conference rooms and warehouses.

Order Codes:

PLS2 Detector 30m
PSL3 Detector 50m
TDC1 Control Unit, single channel
TDC2 Control Unit, dual channel
RS/HDT Photocell Sensor

PDS6 Presence Detection Switches

  • Simple one piece product

  • Surface or flush mounting

  • Integral photocell

  • Savings of 70%

Simple one piece presence detection switches for automatic lighting control in cellular or open plan offices, store rooms etc. Available in surface or flush mounting versions, the switches incorporate a passive infra-red occupancy detector, photocell and load switching relay in a compact, easy to install package. PDS6 switches may be used singularly or several units inter-connected for larger areas.

Order Codes:

PDS6S – PIR Switch, surface mount

PDS6F – PIR Switch, flush mount

SP Series Presence Detection Switches

Passive infra-red presence detection switches for automatic lighting control or general electrical applications. When occupancy is detected the load is switched on, a preset time after movement has ceased the load is automatically switched off. Type SP100 requires permanent live and neutral connections and is suitable for heating, ventilation and lighting applications. Type SP200 does not require a neutral connection allowing direct replacement of single gang plate switches in cellular offices, store rooms etc.

Order Codes:

SP100 PIR Switch, (S,P + N)
SP200 PIR Switch, (no neutral)

EP Series Time Delay Pushbuttons

Time delay push buttons for automatic lighting control. Designed for hallway, corridor and staircase lighting, the EP Series do not require a neutral connection allowing simple replacement of existing plate switches. Adjustable switch off delay from 10secs to 10mins selectable via an internal preset. Suitable for surface or flush mounting, the switches are available in push button, illuminated push button or touch activated style.

Order Codes:


Push Button


Illuminated Push Button




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