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On Peak Electric Heating Applications


Portable Buildings
The TC2000 and TC2040 systems provide close temperature control and improved comfort for on-peak electric heating installations. The TC2000 is the basic controller which is ideal for many applications, however, the TC2040 provides the additional benefits of optimum start and occupancy detection. A typical double mobile classroom application would require a single control unit and temperature sensor and a triac switching unit for each heater. The TB15 triac can switch loads of up to 3kW. If the TC2040 controller is to be specified, a passive infra-red detector will also be required for each room.

Recommended Product: System TC2000, System TC2040

Hotels and Offices
The TC2030 has been developed for electrically heated hotels and offices.
A CTC100 central time controller is required to maintain heating at a setback level during unoccupied periods whilst a TKR controller should be specified for each room. The TKR enables the user to select, either manually or automatically via passive infra-red presence detection, the selected 'occupied' temperature setting. A triac switching unit is required for each convector heater, the type TBP16 can switch loads of up to 3kW whilst also providing the low voltage power supply for the TKR unit. Where automatic Setback is specified, a passive infra-red detector will be required in each room.

Recommended Product: System TC2030


 A - Stone Built Primary School with on-peak electric heating (TC2040 system)

 B - Everglades 140 bedroom hotel (Winner of national energy award) TC2030 system with central control

 C - Typical Mobile Classroom –TC2040 System fitted to hundreds of this type of building throughout the UK

(Trials have proved savings of 40% and over 60% in milder periods of spring and autumn)

 D - Demountable Offices for major construction project - 300kW of On-peak electric heating – System TC2040


APPLICATIONS : Schools / Offices / Industrial / Heating   PRODUCTS : Lighting / Heating / Water



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