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Our Customers

Users include factories, warehouses, transport premises, offices and schools in both the private and public sectors throughout the UK.

Hull City Council
Reset System 3000 has been installed in all of the municipal office buildings commencing with Essex House in 1990. The systems continue to provide sound reliable service and a high level of energy savings.

North Greenwich Interchange
CB Series Photo Electric Daylight Level Controls were selected by consultants Max Fordham & Partners for the new bus/underground passenger interchange on the Jubilee Line extension.

Octavius Atkinson Factory, Knaresborough
Annual Savings of £20,00 produced a payback of the capital cost in just 6 months after installing CB series Photo Electric Controls.

Padgate High School, Warrington
Reset System 3000 installed with financial assistance of £4,000 provide by 'Create' towards a total capital cost of £10,000. A payback of the school's contribution was achieved within 18 months. The success of the project resulted in the school investing a similar figure to extend the System 3000 to further areas.

British Rail Engineering, Crewe Locomotive Works
A total of 50 CB Series Controllers were installed to manage over 1,500kW of high bay lighting. A payback period of 4 months was achieved.

Everglades Hotel, Widnes
The TC2030 System of control for on-peak electric heating in this 70 bedroom hotel was installed in 1992 and was the winner of a prestigious BETA energy efficiency award.The system was extended when the hotel was doubled in size several years later.

Broomfields Primary School, Warrington
The TC2040 System installed in 3 double mobile classrooms at this Warrington school to control over 60kW of on-peak electric convector heating produced savings of 50% and a payback in less than 2 years.

Ilford Rail Depot, Seven Kings
The Inspection Shed at Ilford has accommodation for twelve carriage trains on sixteen tracks and is lit with nearly 1,000 twin 8ft fluorescents resulting in a lighting load of 272kW. Manual control was virtually impossible due to the large area over which the small staff had to work. CB Series controls produced savings of nearly 33% and a payback in a little over 2 months.



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