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Industrial & Warehouse Lighting Controls

High Level Bays
Photo-electric daylight level control is the only practical solution for the automatic control of lighting in high bay type buildings such as factories, workshops and transport premises. Because the workspace invariably has uniform daylight availability via roof or side glazing, lighting can be effectively bulk switched. DEM photo-electric controls automatically switch lights OFF when the illumination level has reached a preset threshold and restore lights once daylight has declined. The LC3010A & LC3020A units are intended for integration with existing contactor fed lighting schemes whilst the CB series provide additional features including full status indication and maintenance facilities in addition to load switching contactors.
Restricted/self resetting override facilities are also provided for use by staff to allow for out of hours working and to prevent lights being left on continuously during periods of good daylight. Both systems operate in conjunction with a remote indoor photocell sensor.
Where there is insufficient daylight availability in the building, time control with restricted/self resetting facilities would be provided.

Recommended Product: LC3010A & LC3020A, CB series Photocell Controls

Warehouses with Multiple Aisles
A high level of savings can be achieved in warehouse aisles, where there is often a variable occupancy pattern, by the use of microwave presence detectors.

Recommended Product: Presence Detection System 5000

These are often low occupancy areas where lighting is left on unnecessarily for many hours. PIR movement controls, reset type pull cord switches or time delay switches will ensure that lights are not left on when not required. Selected lights should be left uncontrolled to make sure that occupants are not plunged into total darkness.

Recommended Product: System 4000 & System 3000 components

Canteens often have a variable occupancy pattern, however the lighting usage can be drastically reduced by fitting PIR or microwave movement controls.

Recommended Product: System 4000, System 5000


 A - Heavy Truck Manufacturing Plant – 320kW - 35% savings – 3-4 months payback.

 B - High Bay Industrial Warehouse – 13kW – 48% savings – 12 months payback (Study Available).

 C - Railway Maintenance Workshop – 1.5 megawatts - 2-3 months payback.

 D - Passenger Transport Bus/Underground Interchange.


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