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On Peak Electric Heating Control Products

TC2000 & TC2040 Electrical Heating Control

  • Close temperature control

  • Improved comfort

  • Solid state triac switching

  • Savings of 60%

The TC2000 and TC2040 electronic heating control systems have been developed specifically for saving energy with on-peak convector heater installations. Temperature levels are maintained within ± 0.5 °C resulting in vast improvement in user comfort whilst solid state power switching components ensure silent and reliable long term operation. A frost protect feature enables buildings to be held at a low setback tempreature during unoccupied periods. The TC2040 provides the additional benefits of optimum start and pasive infra-red occupancy detection. Both systems are ideal for prefabricated buildings and electrically heated offices.

Order Codes:

TC2000 Control Unit
TC2040 Control Unit
TB15 Triac Unit, 3kw
TB40 Triac Unit, 6kw
TS1 Temperature Sensor
P4 PIR Detector

TC2030 Electrical Heating Control

  • Individual room control

  • Ideal for offices and hotels

  • Presence detection option

  • Savings of 60%

Utilising the same proportional control technology and silent triac switching method as the TC2000, the TC2030 introduces new control options to allow effective temperature control of hotel rooms and cellular offices. A central controller ensures that heating is maintained at a preset background level whilst allowing the user to increase the temperature at any time. Each room is provided with a TKR control unit which may be activated manually or via passive infra-red occupancy detection. When the room is vacated heating is restored to the setback level until the next occupation period.

Order Codes:

CTC100 Central Time Controller
TKR1 Room Unit, manual on/off
TKR2 Room Unit, keyswitch on/off
TKR3  Room Unit, manual on/auto off
TBP16 Triac Unit
TBS16 Slave Triac Unit
P4 PIR Detector




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