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Enery Saving Lighting & Electric Heating Controls

Lighting controls are now recognised to be an essential part of any buildings energy management and cost saving programme. Whether for factories, offices, warehouses, schools, transport premises and leisure centres etc - the electrical energy used on lighting in a building can often cost as much as the gas or oil used for heating. Although the amount of electrical energy needed for lighting may be only perhaps a fifth of the energy used for heating, its unit cost is much higher, making the need for effective controls of vital importance.

Electric heating controls are just as important particularly where on-peak convector heaters are being used. On-peak electric heating has many attractions due to its low capital cost, low maintenance and safety and is particularly popular for mobile classrooms applications. Without suitable electronic control however the energy usage can be excessive resulting in high running costs and uncomfortable overheating.

DEM Metron manufacture a complete range of products and systems for the automatic control of lighting and on-peak electric heating. Lighting controls utilise daylight level monitoring, occupancy detection and time programming techniques to switch lights off when not required whilst electric heating controls provide close temperature regulation for improved comfort and maximum energy savings.



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